Pricing Transparency

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If you have a high deductible or are part of a self-insured plan at a large company, you owe it to yourself or your business to take a look at our facility and pricing which is listed on this site.

Providing High Quality Care at Affordable Prices

It is no secret to anyone that the price of healthcare is at the top of the list of financial concerns in the United States.   As more and more patients find themselves paying more and more out of pocket, it is clear that something must change. We believe that a very different approach is necessary, one involving transparent and direct pricing. At the Bone and Joint Surgery Center of Novi, we pride ourselves in providing high quality surgery; plus friendly, talented and compassionate staff.  We are able to eliminate wasteful spending that other medical non-profits have no motivation to reduce.

Take a look at the prices below, and you will immediately know we are able to offer you the most affordable option for your surgery.  This is just a sampling of the surgical procedures and prices that we offer.  Please contact us if you have any questions, or to discuss your options.

Procedure Type Description Cash Price*
29826 Shoulder Arthroscopy $2,781
29824 Shoulder Arthroscopy $3,572
29881 Knee Arthroscopy $2,338
29827 Rotator Cuff $4,255
29880 Knee Arthroscopy $2,255
29914 Hip Arthroscopy $3,729
28285 Hammertoe $1,552
28296 Correct Bunion $2,566
28289 Repair Hallux Rigidus $2,136
29898 Ankle Arthroscopy $2,177
28308 Metatarsal osteotomy $1,674
11750 Remove Nail Bed $1,557
64721 Carpal Tunnel $1,353
26055 Incise Finger $1,424
29848 Wrist Endoscopy $1,831
25609 Treat FX Radial $6,726
25447 Repair Wrist Joint $2,763
25310 Transplant Forearm Tendon $2,679
(*does not include surgeon or anesthesiology fee)