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Frequently Asked Questions About Anesthesia

  • What types of Anesthesia are available?

There are many factors that can contribute to the anesthesia choice that will be best for you.  You will meet with an Anesthesiologist in the Pre-Op area who will review your medical and surgical history with you.  They will make a recommendation for anesthesia based on that history and the type of surgery you are having.

The basic choices of anesthesia are general or spinal.

General Anesthesia 

This type produces unconsciousness so that you will not be awake during the surgical procedure.  You will not hear or feel anything during the surgery.

Spinal Anesthesia

This type of anesthesia will numb the lower extremities.  You can also be given an additional medication for sedation so you will be asleep during the surgery.

The Anesthesiologist will give you much more detailed information when you speak with them here at the Center.

There will be a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) with you as you go into the Operating Room, throughout the entire surgery, and then into Recovery.

  • What is a Peripheral Nerve Block?

A peripheral nerve block can be used in conjunction with general anesthesia.  The nerve block is an injection of a local anesthetic medicine around a group of nerves. This causes numbness or loss of sensation to that area of the body.  The Anesthesiologist will perform the nerve block in the Pre-Op area.  This block can reduce pain in a certain area and can produce numbness which may last 12 to 18 hours after surgery.  This numbness will decrease the amount of general anesthesia and narcotic medicines you will need and can decrease any potential complications of nausea and vomiting.

You will feel better and have better pain control.

  • Will I have side effects from anesthesia?

It is not uncommon to experience nausea or vomiting after surgery.  Many patients receive medication during and/or after surgery to ease these conditions to a tolerable level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Billing

  • What costs will be incurred during my service?

You will receive four bills.  Bills will be sent by your:

    • Doctor/Surgeon
    • Nurse Anesthetist
    • Facility
    • Anesthesiologist

You will be responsible for any copays and deductibles dictated by your insurance company.

  • Will my insurance be accepted?

We accept most insurances.  If you have questions, please call (586)-722-4702.

  • Will I be able to use a payment plan?

We offer 3-6 month payment plans upon receipt of your first statement.  For more information on payment plans, please call (586)-722-4702.

  • What payment types are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards.  You can also pay your bill online through our convenient ePay option. Please call (586)-722-4702 for any payment questions.

  • Can I use Care Credit?

Care Credit is an alternative form of payment you can apply for.  More information about care credit can be found at CareCredit.